Hidden Characters on Aurora & Elysium from World Merge

GM Taezin -

In August 2019, multiple servers were merged to form the new worlds Aurora and Elysium. Characters on the original worlds can now be found in their new home.

  • Aurora: Characters from Windia, Mardia, Yellonde, Bellocan, Chaos, Kradia, Nova
  • Elysium: Characters from Broa, Khaini, Galicia, Renegades, Arcania, Zenith, El Nido, Demethos

Following the world merge, some accounts may have more than the maximum number of characters on the Aurora or Elysium servers. For these accounts, the character selection screen only shows characters with the highest level. Additional "hidden" characters on the account cannot be seen or accessed until a character slot has been made available.

Deleting a character on the server will automatically fill that slot with the next "hidden" character. This process can be repeated until all "hidden" characters have been revealed and have their own slot. New characters cannot be created on the server while "hidden" characters exist.

Please be aware that deleted characters cannot be recovered. Please transfer valuable items and mesos off the character before deleting it.

Additional information on the World Merge is available here.

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