Upcoming Removal of VIP & REG coupons for Hair and Face

GM Taezin -

We would like to inform you that the VIP & REG style coupons will be retired in the near future. This will affect the following items:

  • Hair Style Coupon (VIP)
  • Hair Style Coupon (REG)
  • Face Coupon (VIP)
  • Face Coupon (REG)

If you have unused VIP & Reg style coupons, we recommend visiting the Hair Salon or Plastic Surgery center in your preferred town to redeem the coupons in the near future. The coupons can be used until the release of the March update, at which point the coupons will be removed. Unused VIP and REG coupons will be refunded in Maple Points when the March update arrives.

Additional information about the upcoming change is available on the MapleStory website here. If you encounter an issue with the coupon removal or refund following the March update, please submit a Player Support ticket for assistance. 


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