NX Credit restrictions for MapleStory purchases

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For security reasons, there are restrictions on how NX Credit can be spent. For example, items purchased with NX Credit cannot be sent to friends as gifts. Below you will find specific restrictions for MapleStory.


Update 4/24/19 - When Nx Credit is purchased for the first time on an account, a 7-day timer is started on the account. If an item with special restrictions is purchased during this timed 7-day period, then a trade block is automatically placed on the account. During this time, no items can be traded or dropped from characters on the account. The trade block will be removed automatically after 7-days have elapsed from the time of the first Nx Credit charge.

Example: Nx Credit is purchased on Monday. An item is purchased from the Cash Shop on Wednesday. This item cannot be traded until the upcoming Monday, a full 7-days after the Nx Credit was originally purchased.

  • Items with special restrictions include: Cubes (including packages), Surprise Style Box, Scissors, Scrolls, Gachapon (all random boxes), Megaphones.

The following items cannot be purchased with NX Credit or Maple Points until the purchasing character has reached level 60:

  • Special scrolls, including Shielding Ward, Shield Scroll, Guardian Scroll, Perfect Innocence Scroll, and Return Scroll
  • Potential-related items, including Miracle Circulator, Tim's Secret Lab, Potential Stamps, and Bonus Potential Stamps
  • Messengers, including Megaphones (all kinds), Messengers (pop up), and Maple TV messengers
  • Cash Shop Surprise items, including Premium Surprise Style Box, Seasonal Surprise Style Boxes (all kinds), and Surprise Boxes (all kinds)
  • Golden Hammer, Meso Sacks, and Gachapon Tickets
  • Special Gachapon items cannot be purchased with Maple Points until the purchasing character has reached level 60, and cannot be purchased at all with NX Credit.
  • Update 5/20/19 - Red Cubes, Black Cubes, Bonus Potential Cubes, All Cube Packages.

Marvel Machine Spins and Double Marvels available on the official MapleStory website cannot be purchased at all with NX Credit or Maple Points.

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