I'm receiving an "This account has not been verified" error

GM Taezin -

We are currently investigating an issue that may cause players to receive an account verification error message at the world selection screen.


This message can occur on Nexon accounts that are already verified and does not necessarily indicate a problem with the account. To resolve this, please perform the following steps:

1. Confirm that your email has been verified on the account


  • If you do not receive the verification prompt, your email address has already been verified.


2. Close MapleStory completely and re-open the client.

For Nexon Launcher users, please keep the Nexon Launcher program running and signed in to your Nexon account.


Note: If you do not recall your Nexon account information and need assistance regaining access to the account, please follow the recovery steps available here.


If you continue to receive the "account has not been verified" error after performing the above steps, submit a ticket with a detailed description of the issue for further assistance. Please include:

Subject: Error: This account has not been verified

Description: Include the troubleshooting steps taken so far.

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