My hair or face style changed unexpectedly. How do I get it back?

GM Taezin -

We are currently investigating an issue that can cause the data for a character's hair or face to become corrupted. When this occurs, the character may show up in-game with a default style, bald or without eyes.

If your character's style was saved in the Beauty Salon previously, it can be recovered by opening the Beauty Salon from the Equipment menu, selecting the style and clicking the Change button.


If the style was not saved, please submit a ticket for assistance. Include the following information in the ticket:

- Character Name:
- Server:
- Gender:
- Name of the Missing Style (if known):
- Color of the Missing Style (if known):
- Screenshot of the Missing Style (if possible):
- Screenshot of the New Style (if possible):
- Date/Time when you received the Style:

The character's current style will be overwritten during the recovery process, so please save currently equipped styles you wish to keep in the Beauty Salon. We also strongly recommend saving styles for other characters on the account to ensure that they are available for future use.

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