Lab Server: How to complete quest [Lab Server] Level 200 Survivalist!

GM Taezin -

  1. Reach level 150 and complete quest [Lab Server] Lv. 150 Celebration Gift!
  2. Character must die and reset to level 10.
  3. Accept the quest [Lab Server] Level 200 Survivalist! from Quest Notifier. The quest must be accepted at level 10.
  4. Reach level 200 without dying.
  5. If your character dies before reaching level 200, forfeit the quest and pick it up again while at level 10. The quest must be restarted at level 10 in order to receive credit upon reaching level 200.
  6. Complete quest via Quest Notifier.

Please be aware that the Player Support team is unable to grant quest credit. If your character does not receive credit upon reaching level 200, it may be necessary to reset to level 10 and try again.

The Enhanced Legion Block will be sent to the server you specify once the Lab server event ends. Additional information about the event can be found in the Lab Server announcement.

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