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If you are experiencing graphical or slow down issues with playing Nexon Games one aspect to troubleshoot is your video game and resolution settings.

If you are experiencing issues such as:

  • Artifacts on screen
  • Black or discolored screen
  • Bad framerates
  • Video latency
  • Low video resolution

One of the first troubleshooting steps is to check your In-Game Resolution. For most Nexon Games you can achieve this by selecting video or graphical settings from the option screen in the menu of your game. In some cases you may want to make other graphical changes dependent on your video card type and your system specification.

Updating your Drivers:

To achieve better performance it is necessary to have your graphic drivers up to date. 

First, you need to find what type of graphics card you have:

  1. Click the ‘Start’ button/Run
  2. Type "DxDiag" (without the quotations) and hit enter
  3. Click the display tab
  4. Your graphics card make is shown next to "Manufacturer" highlighted in red in the image below
  5. The model is next to "Chip Type" highlighted in blue in the image below

Note: You will need full admin access on the computer in order to update your drivers.


  1. Visit the website of your graphics card manufacturer.
  2. Search for your graphics card model & name.
  3. Download graphics drivers.
  4. Run the downloaded installer package.
  5. Restart your computer.

Microsoft DirectX is included as an integral part in Windows operating systems. You can update DirectX by applying the latest service pack or other updates through Windows Update.

We recommend not to try beta or test drivers as they may not be compatible with your Nexon Game.

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