Known Issues with 11/30 Update

Greetings Maplers,

We have been experiencing some issues after the November 30 update. The following issues have been reported, and are currently under investigation:

  • Luna world is called Elysium Fixed
  • Lost item or missing item stats - Fixed
  • Damage Cap - FIXED
  • Newly created Kaisier missing "Dragon Link" skill - Fixed
  • Marvel Machine - Fixed
  • Mega Burning Project "Request Failed"- Not Fixed (event ended)
  • Mega Burning Project "Legendary Cryptic Chest" - Fixed
  • Lightning God Ring buff issue - Fixed
  • V rewards 180 M box - Fixed
  • Master Craftsman's Cubes from the V Tracker - Fixed

There is no need to create a ticket, we will update this article on the status of these issues as more information becomes available. 

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