Known Issues with EU Migration

Greetings Maplers,

We have been experiencing some issues after the migration of European MapleStory to Global MapleStory concluded on 11/10/2016. The following issues have been reported, and are currently under investigation:

  • MapleStory client crashing - Under Investigation
  • Unable to log in - Please review this article for more information 
  • Event Hall lag - Still under investigation
  • Star Force Enhancement System charging double the normal amount - FIXED/Compensation given during 12/8 maintenance 

There is no need to create a ticket, we will update this article on the status of these issues as more information becomes available. 

If you're experiencing either of the issues listed below, please submit a ticket with the requested information so we can further investigate:

  • EU character is stuck
    • Character name
    • Account email address
  • EMS account missing characters - Verify that your account has fully migrated
    • Number of missing characters
    • Character name(s)
    • World
    • Account email address
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