What is a Character Card System?

Senior GM Atquei -

Character Card System is a system that can be accessed from the character selection screen. You can gain Character Cards for each character that has reached their second job advancement, and their character card grows stronger as they make more job advancements. You can put Character Cards in a deck, giving buffs to all characters in the account.

There are 3 decks, each deck has 3 slot for 3 cards. You can put any card in any deck. But you can't use 2 or more card of the same exact job in any decks (regardless of rank).

When you fill a deck, 1 or more deck effects are added. Unique Deck effects give additional special stats.

There are 4 ranks for each card: B, A, S and SS. The card rank is determined by the level of your characters.

  • This does not apply to Zero.
    • Level 30: Rank B.
    • Level 60: Rank A.
    • Level 100: Rank S.
    • Level 200: Rank SS.
  • Zero card ranks
    • Level 110: Rank B.
    • Level 130: Rank A.
    • Level 160: Rank S.
    • Level 200: Rank SS.
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