I am receiving an NGS Initialization Error

GM Thokim -

If you are receiving any NGS Initialization errors, it is more than likely your antivirus or firewall software detecting MapleStory as a possible threat to your computer.

It's possible that your computers security system (anti-virus or anti-malware programs) are interacting with HackShield and BlackCipher, and removing files. This will cause the game to crash.

There are generally two ways to fix this:

  1. Add the MapleStory folder to the exceptions or safe “white list” on your computers security program. This will prevent it from deleting files from HackShield and BlackCipher.
  2. You can replace the missing files by downloading the manual patch for HackShield and BlackCipher and applying it.

However with option two your computer security system may still delete specific HackShield and BlackCipher files in which case see option one.

Additionally, we are able to confirm that a majority of the of the NGS errors are coming from AVG Antivirus Security. In order to be able to resolve this issue, please follow the directions below. We would also suggest adding MapleStory to Exceptions list also located in your settings page. This may help in resolving the issue that you are facing.



If you use Norton SONAR and have gotten this error please follow these steps:

1. Open Norton.

2. Click on "settings" at the top.

3. Click on "antivirus".

4. Under SONAR advanced mode, the "Remove risks automatically" option is default set to "high-certainty only"

5. You can change this to "ask me" by clicking on it.

6. Click "apply".

We would also like to recommend that you make sure that your computer has all available updates. Please follow the steps provided below.

Click the Windows "Start" button, then select Settings - (Control Panel if on Windows 7 or older) > Update & security (System if on Windows 7 or older)> Windows Update > Check for updates. Make sure that you download all available updates (if any) on your computer.



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