What are Star Monsters?

Senior GM Atquei -

Influenced by the power of the stars, many monsters across Maple World have undergone mysterious changes and become incredibly powerful. While most ordinary adventurers could easily fall victim to these stronger monsters, those blessed by Star Force may still stand a chance. Star Monsters are stronger and more rewarding than their normal versions Only players who meet the star level requirement on their equipment can kill these monsters.

Star Monsters can be found in Star Force Areas marked with a red Star sign in the World Map. The portals linking to these areas are shining in red color to indicate the danger. While everyone can enter Star Force Areas and fight Star Monsters, only characters whose total equipment star level meets the requirement can deal enough damage and ultimately kill them.

Star Monsters will not attack players proactively, unless they are under attack.
Upon entering a Star Force Area, a message will pop up and show the minimum star level requirement for this area. A Star Level UI will also pop up to display character's current star level.

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