What are Spell Traces?

Senior GM Atquei -

Spell Traces can be used to enhance equipment. The equipment's type, level, and enhancement success rate will determine how many Spell Traces are needed. When using Spell Traces, the chances of the item being destroyed on failure is 0% - there is no chance of the item being destroyed.

Failing to enhance with Spell Traces will not destroy the equipment, but it will take away an upgrade count. Enhancing equipment using Spell Traces will use the upgrade count on the item.

Collect Spell Traces from hunting monsters Lv. 70 and above. You can also get Spell Traces when extracting scrolls. You can use the scroll enhancement UI by double-clicking the notifier on the left side of the screen.

These are the types of scrolls you can use with Spell Traces:

  • Weapon Scroll: 100%. 70%, 30%, 15% Success Rate Scroll
  • Armor Scroll: 100%, 70%, 30% Success Rate Scroll


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