My character is stuck, and I'm unable to log into it.

Senior GM Atquei -

If your character gets disconnected while viewing a cutscene, loading a map or simply just trying to access your character, we strongly suggest that you submit a ticket through our player support portal so that we may be able to quickly identify the issue and have it resolved for you as soon as possible.

Please create a Support Ticket by clicking the "Submit a request" button at the bottom of this article.

Select the "Gameplay" category, and enter "Stuck Character" as the subject for this request. Then, select the "Character/NPC" sub-category.

Please include the following information in your ticket:


  • E-Mail Address Registered to Account 
  • Character Name
  • World
  • Map Name


Once your ticket has been created, please be patient while one of our Game Masters reviews the situation.

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