What are "world alliances" or "merged worlds" in MapleStory?

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In MapleStory, a world is a set of servers that you connect to. Scania and Windia are examples of worlds.

Content in different worlds is always the same, but each world has a different group of players and a distinct economy.  

Some worlds are merged together into a World Alliance. This means that characters in the merged worlds that belong to the same World Alliance are able to play with each other. Click here for more information.

World that are merged

  1. Scania
  2. Bera
  3. Broa - Khaini
  4. Windia
  5. Bellocan - Mardia - Kradia - Yellonde - Chaos - Nova
  6. Demethos - Galicia - El Nido - Zenith - Arcania - Renegades
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