How do I find a certain location, NPC, or monster?

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Method 1

1. Open your world map (default shortcut: [W]).

2. Hovering over most map icons reveals a list of monsters and NPCs on that map, along with the map name.

3. If needed, zoom out by right-clicking or zoom in by left-clicking. There’s also a button that lets you view the full world map along with a button that lets you select another region to view.

Method 2

1. Use the Search option to search for maps, monsters, and NPCs.

2. If you’re looking for a monster to hunt based on your level, the Search option can offer you suggestions.

3. After searching, double-click a result to see its location.

Method 3

1. Some quests have a Find NPC option in the quest log. Click the button to find NPCs that are involved with that quest. Some NPCs can’t be found using this feature.



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