What activities constitute "User Abuse?"

Senior GM Atquei -

The following activities all constitute "User Abuse," although the list is not limited to these examples. At Nexon's discretion, discipline for engaging in such activities may go up to and include a Permanent Ban from our games.

1. Advertising: Advertising hacks and hacking websites. Promoting other websites or products. 

2. Botting: Using a macro, third-party program or physical method to play the game in a repetitive manner.

3. Scamming: Impersonating another player or a Nexon employee.

4. Using Hacking Tools: Using a third-party program or using illegal means to play the game in a manner that is not intended by the creators. Sharing, buying and selling of hacking programs or methods.

5. Misconduct: Behavior and/or language inappropriate for a given game.

6. Gold Trading: Getting Items, in-game currency or other game-related commodities in exchange for real-world cash, or buying real-world cash with gold.

7. Account trading: Transferring your account in exchange for in-game or real world money. 

8. Griefing: Harassing other players. 

9. Inappropriate Name: Using character names that are sexual in nature, racist or otherwise violate the Terms of Use*

10. Harassment: Spreading slander or rumors, insulting or abusing another player, a GM or a Nexon Employee.

11. Account Sharing: Giving out password or personal information * GMs reserve the right to change your name.

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