NX Prices adjusting on April 30, 2015 for certain currencies

We want to make all of you aware of some changes to NX prices for Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Canada, as well as sharing the reasons this is happening. 

Recently there have been some shifts in the global economy, and as such variations in the value of NX purchases can begin to arise from territory to territory.  To avoid large territorial disparities in the value of NX, we will, from time to time, make changes to NX purchase costs.  That is what is happening here.  

This change is effective April 30th 2015, but will not impact any NX purchased and redeemed prior to April 30th 2015. Prepaid cards that have not previously been redeemed can be redeemed under the post-change pricing.

More about this process is below:

Why are we adjusting NX prices?

We are adjusting the amount of NX received across the territories serviced by Nexon America to ensure regional alignment despite recent global economic shifts. If we do not account for economic shifts from time to time, the value of NX purchases can begin to vary territory to territory.  In order to promote fairness to players across all of our service regions, we make changes to NX values like the changes we are making as of April 30th 2015.

What currencies are affected?

The currencies that are the most at-risk for having significant NX value variations are GBP, EUR, AUD, NZD, MXN and CAD.  Other currencies are not being changed at this time.  We will continue to monitor all serviced markets and make adjustments to maintain alignment and promote fairness for all players regardless of service region or currency used.

Will current NX or purchased content be impacted?

No. Any NX charged prior to April 30th 2015 will be at the previous rate with the exception of unredeemed prepaid cards, and the value of that NX is not being changed.

How does this impact prepaid cards?

There is no impact to cards that are in USD amounts and USD transactions are not being changed at this time. There will be a change to any other currency cards that offer a set NX value for the price identified on the card.  Any cards redeemed prior to April 30th 2015 will receive current rates, while cards redeemed from April 30th 2015 forward will be redeemed at the new rates.

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