How do I enhance equips with Star Force?

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Similar to using Advanced Equip Enhancement Scrolls, Star Force Enhancement gives and increases star level to items with no more upgrade slots, but only at meso cost and a much lower risk. And it still works hand-in-hand with AEE scrolls

How to Utilize Star Force Enhancement

Click on the Equipment Enchant button at the bottom right of the Item Inventory window. Drag the target equipment into the new pop-up window. If the target equipment has no upgrade slots available, the Star Force Enhancement UI will pop up by default. Otherwise, Spell Trace enhancement UI will show instead.
Each enhancement attempt using Star Force will have the following 4 possible results. The success/failure rate scales with the current star level of target equipment, and can be confirmed in the enhancement UI. Bonus stats (if successful) can be confirmed in the same window too.

Success - increases star level by 1
Failure (keep) - star level doesn't change
Failure (drop) - decreases star level by 1
Failure (destroy) - target equipment is destroyed

The maximum star level depends on the level of target equipment. The possible maximum is 25 stars. Each enhancement attempt costs meso regardless of the result. The cost scales with the star level of the target equipment.


Star Force Enhancement Success/Failure

Once you have started Star Force Enhancement, a mini game window will pop up. Successful completion of the mini game will increase the success rate of the enhancement. If two failed attempts caused the star level to drop twice in a row, the next enhancement will be a guaranteed success. Once the target equipment has reached 10 stars, its star level will not drop below this level for future failed enhancement attempts. This is only for non-Superior equipment.

Should the target equipment be destroyed during enhancement, you will receive an ""Equipment Trace"" that records all the stats of the destroyed equipment prior to using Star Force. Applying the ""Equipment Trace"" to a clean version of the same equipment (via Equipment Trace tab in the star enhancement window) will restore these stats - including Potentials, Bonus Potentials and Souls to the new equipment (star levels at the time of destruction will not be restored).
Protection Scrolls, Shielding Wards, and Superior Shielding Wards cannot be used with the Star Force Enhancement system.

If the target equipment has previously been enhanced by Advanced Equip Enhancement Scroll, further enhancement using Star Force will continue from that star level, and vice versa. However, if a piece of Star Force enhanced equipment is destroyed by Advanced Enhancement Scroll, players will not receive "Equipment Trace". If a piece of equipment has acquired more stars than what is allowed by the equipment level requirement, it will also retain the star level and bonus stats, but cannot be further enhanced via the Star Force Enhancement.

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