Duplicated Item Removal

We would like to inform everyone that we have removed a great number of equipment that was illegitimately generated in-game.

This decision was made to combat hackers, discourage the use of exploited equipment, and address an issue with the game's state of balance caused by these items. As our Code of Conduct states "Appropriate action will be taken during any incidents of community disruption, violation of the EULA or ToS, or any other action that may be deemed inappropriate by Nexon’s staff."

Illegitimately generating equipment undermines the hard work of our legitimate Maplers and we’ve taken action against a number of exploiters. Please note that we do not condone the usage of exploits, hacks, and real life currency trades under any circumstances. We will continue to monitor reports of hacked equipment and ask all Maplers to please be cautious when engaging in the trading of suspicious items. 

Compensation for illegitimately generated or illegally purchased items will not be issued and we advise all Maplers to abide by our policy.

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